We plan and imagine our wines at the vineyard and it´s at the winery where this plan comes true. With the help and guidance from agronomists and winemakers we observe and learn from each cycle of nature and we think about harvesting, blends and the entire process for each wine. We deepen our knowledge and discover the types of wine we want to produce.

The Cabernet Franc is our backbone. Different wines from different soils and different vinifications arise from it. However, we are restless and we are always looking for new things. Our Pinot-Pinot is an excellent proof of this.

El Cabernet Franc es nuestra columna vertebral. De él surgen distintos vinos de suelos diversos y vinificaciones diferentes. Sin embargo, somos inquietos y siempre estamos buscando cosas nuevas. Nuestro Pinot-Pinot es una excelente prueba de ello.

Finca Paucho - Los Chacayes, Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina.

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