About Us

To make a wine means discovering and appropriating a new world for us. And we undertake this path with great passion.
For us and for our kids. We are Mariela and Mariano, each with their tastes and ideas, with different views and patterns. Thus, we make up a totality. A whole being together and different.. We are Paucho.
When we turned 50, we decided to give ourselves peace and nature. The chosen place was the Uco Valley. We began to visit its soils and vineyards; We became more and more involved with the area until we realized that this land was our place. And as a mandate to follow, we knew that the next step was to make our wine in Mendoza.
We found ourselves doing something that fills our soul. We love the process of making wine. We study, research and perfect (refine) our tastes. Our professions give our project different perspectives. In the imprints of architecture and tourism, art and photography are perfectly reflected in the wine we dream.

Finca Paucho - Los Chacayes, Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina.

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